Due to the incredible outpouring of love and support for the Fredeen Family during this time, we have started this blog to help provide information to family and friends.

The Friends and Family of the Fredeens thank you on behalf of the Fredeen Family for your incredible generosity and overwhelming support.

Please click on the links below to access pages related to the memorial services, monetary donations, hotels/lodging, and photo sharing.

Photo Sharing

We have recently started a Shutterfly Share Site for the Friends of the Fredeens to share photos with Todd, Rosy, Nina and Teddy. Rosy has been so dedicated to photographing so many of our special events that as her friends we want to return the favor and provide the family with any photos we may have. We are looking for both new and older photos of the Fredeens and their friends/family. So please feel free to upload recent photos (for example, from the Zoo Party), as well as old photos so Rosy and Todd can have as many pictures of their kids and family as possible from over the years. We would like anyone who wishes to share photos with the Fredeens to be able to upload to the site. This way, everyone can also view the photos uploaded by others.

Accessing the site: The site is http://prayingfornina.shutterfly.com/
You will need the password to access the site. If you have not already been invited to view the site, please contact Mendy Minjarez at mendy.boettcher@gmail.com for the password. Once you sign-in, you will see the “Home” page of the site.

How the share site works: Think of this site as a blog for photos that everyone with the password can contribute to. There are different pages to the site (kinda like this blog): “Home” “Albums” and “Videos.” Click on the page you want to view. Anyone with access to the site will be able to see all the pictures that have been uploaded by other members of the site. Every member will be able to upload photos and videos. You will also be able to leave comments on the site and comment on pictures. Additionally, prints and projects can be ordered.

Uploading photos: Uploading photos to the site is fairly self-explanatory. To begin, click the “Pictures” page. Next, click "Add Album" to add a new album or click “Add pictures” to add to an existing album. If anyone needs more specific instructions, we are happy to provide them!

How to organize the photos you upload: In an effort to organize the photos, please follow these instructions when uploading photos.
• Try to organize the photos by event (e.g., “Christmas 2009” “Teddy’s 7th Bday”, etc.) or time of year (e.g., “Aug. 2009” “Summer of 2010”).
•  Check to see if the photos you are uploading can be added to an existing album.
• If an album has already been created, please click “Add pictures” to add photos to the existing album.
• If not, create an album by clicking “Add Album.”
• We encourage you to provide a description to pictures, title the pictures, and/or tag people.*

* By default when you upload pictures, the title will be the name you have saved the picture as on your computer.
FYI: Shutterfly will automatically state who has posted the photo underneath the photo.

Purchasing photos/creating projects: When you view an album, there will be a header stating “Do more with these pictures…” Click on the link that matches what you would like to do (e.g., order prints, create photo book, etc).

Purchasing photos for the Fredeens: If you wish to create photo products or purchase photos for the Fredeens from the site, we ask that you first clear your project with the account creator, Mendy Minjarez mendy.boettcher@gmail.com. This way, we will avoid duplication of projects and gifts. A photo book documenting highlights of the Zoo Party will be created after the party by Mendy, so please feel free to contact her with any specific requests, suggestions, etc.

Please feel free to contact Mendy with any additional questions, suggestions, etc. about how to best coordinate our photo sharing effort! I am sure we will all enjoy being able to share our photos, and the Fredeens will surely love to share in everyone else's memories of this amazing support effort.